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He made small cake shop: traditional cake shop net
Published:1/20/2015 10:04:43 PMViews: 688
Today the 2014 Tencent Micro message open class second season second station started in Guangzhou. Small west cake shop founder Wu Xujun said, Micro message brings opportunity to the fusion of traditional cake shop and network business, effective close between the customer and the merchant distance.
In the case of sharing, Wu Xujun said that with the development of Internet and mobile Internet and the popularity of Hezekiah, small cake shop also experienced the evolution of traditional manual registration mode of management: facing the wrong leakage rate high distress; followed by PC website to achieve precision management, but the customer to use a higher threshold, must be operated by computer; the mobile Internet era, consumers can buy the mobile phone website whenever and wherever possible, and place an order.
Wu Xujun said, small Hezekiah made mobile phone after the line on the website, mobile phone terminal and the PC terminal place an order ratio 6:4; Micro message payment is the emergence of the small West bring more convenient payment, customer obviously with the increasing orders.
Wu Xujun said, Micro message payment and settlement costs low, save the payment steps have credibility, the customer may at any time by adults, business users can open ID can send Micro message message to remind the payment is successful. In addition, Wu Xujun said Micro message circle of friends has become a small Hezekiah effective channel word of mouth transmission.
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