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Beijing Municipal Copyright Bureau deployed sword
Published:1/20/2015 10:04:13 PMViews: 671
Sponsored by the Beijing Municipal Copyright Bureau of Beijing network copyright supervision work conference held in beijing. The meeting of national copyright administration management Secretary Yu Cike proposed, will strengthen supervision of copyright on Internet companies, severely crack down on illegal and criminal activities of infringement of intellectual property rights on the Internet domain.
Beijing Municipal Copyright Bureau announced the "Beijing City Management Office on the network to combat piracy," sword net 2014 "special action program", the deployment of Beijing network copyright supervision tasks. Beijing Municipal Copyright Bureau to determine this year's action is the core of active tracking supervision of comprehensive key website, website in terms of copyright, and urge the website of self-examination and self correction.
Deputy director of Beijing Municipal Copyright Bureau Wang Yefei emphasizes, this year the Beijing Municipal Copyright Bureau will also continue to promote the copyright, copyright supervision, the typical object to piracy; for repeated violations "copyright law", piracy phenomenon serious, administrative punishment two times directly over the people's Procuratorate, and severely punish illegal website, held directly responsible person of civil and criminal liability, is a typical example of our case.
The capital of copyright industry alliance in the "2013 -2014 network communication supervision work report," the dog cool, cool music website bulletin, points out that the cool dog music, music of my clients suspected of infringement and piracy "China good voice" season third music works, and refuses to cooperate and work offline notice copyright supervision Department, instructed the weeks immediately rectification. If repeated violations or delay in processing, administrative departments will take administrative interviews processing means of its.
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