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Foxconn Brazil hit the loss is more than 5500000
Published:1/20/2015 10:03:08 PMViews: 558
After Samsung, Foxconn in Brazil was robbed. According to Taiwan media reports, a group of armed gangsters robbed a Foxconn truck.
Foxconn van planned from Brazil airport to the city of Campinas containing Concordia Iraq, but the way was 12 armed robbers. Brazil police said, preliminary estimates in the review, the Foxconn will be the loss of more than 200 million dollars (about 5500000 yuan).
This is the July third large technology company van was planning a robbery. The police said, earlier this month, Samsung vans in southeastern Brazil Campinas highway was robbed, 20 armed robbers robbed including mobile phone and computer, 40000 sets of electronic equipment, Samsung about loss of 2000 million dollars (about 55400000 yuan); this month 22 days, a not willing publicly name manufacturers have also been bandits, the value of 110 million dollars (about 3000000 yuan).
At present, the Brazil police are closely investigating the case, expected to rob Foxconn and Samsung bandits from the same criminal gang.
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