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Published:2015-01-20 16:10:45
Hishop founded in 2002 , is the electricity supplier of software and services provided by leading brands。Long-term focus on providing e-commerce software development services and related value-added products and platforms for the traditional enterprise network operators , is the earliest and longest-running e-commerce solutions provider. Adhering to the " electricity supplier , simpler ! " Electric provider service mission , Hishop optimize their products and services at the same time , continue to strengthen the "Taobao , Alipay , Tenpay , Ali cloud , WAN network, a Amoy , China Mobile, Dell, Intel and many other well-known electricity supplier industry cooperation after decades of aggressive and independent innovation , Hishop has become the brand of choice for many well-known business enterprise , customers in 23 industries , with more than 600,000 subscribers ; . daily withstand more than 200,000 users intensive operation test ; national market share of 60% ; continued to lead the Chinese e-commerce software and services industry as an industry leader in the Chinese e-commerce software and services , Hishop with quality service, innovative and enterprising spirit , professional team . much consumers from corporate creation date, award-winning : e-commerce hundred companies ; tech enterprises ; "double soft certification " Software Enterprise ; "double soft certification " software products ; best e-commerce service provider star Enterprise ; best B2C solutions ; Changsha Commerce Association governing units , etc. , created the industry benchmark .
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